Zoologic - Ages 5+
Zoologic - Ages 5+
Zoologic - Ages 5+

Zoologic - Ages 5+

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Players have to place on the puzzle grid dogs, cats and mice and their favorite food tiles (bones, cheese) while respecting these rules:

• A cat cannot be placed beside either a dog or a mouse

• An animal cannot be placed beside its favorite food

The puzzles progress gradually from easy to challenging. Kids love to play ZooLogic and have fun while developing their critical thinking skills.

17 animal tiles
1 spiral booklet that includes 60 gradually progressively advancing logic puzzles
1 booklet with how to play instructions, clues to each puzzle and the solutions

Best Bet Award - The Canadian Toy Testing Council - Canada 2007

Seal of Excellence - Consumer Guide - Canada 2007

Recommended for ages 5+. For 1 player. 

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