About Us

Playful Minds is an independently-owned neighbourhood toy store located in midtown Toronto. We believe in providing kids, parents and the young at heart with the toys and games that offer more. More opportunities for creativity, learning and most of all, fun!! From the classics that have withstood the test of time, to new innovative products, we offer a well-edited selection of toys, crafts, games and books for everyone from newborns on up.

We promote toys that have real play value and that will inspire kids’ imagination - and capture their attention. Simply put, the toys that kids play with for a long time! We pay careful attention to quality and only work with suppliers who share our commitment to children’s safety. We believe that every child is different, but we understand what makes a great toy, and we can match any child to a toy they will love.

When you find the right gift, we offer lovely (and free!) gift-wrapping. Our loot-bag service is another thing that our on-the-go customers appreciate. And through our loyalty plan, customers earn points with every purchase - these points add up to free purchases in the store!

Loot bags:
Our loot bags are custom-order, which means that you can be as hands-on (or off!) as you like! Give us a list of ages and names, or come in and browse our jam-packed loot bag section, and let us do the rest! This is a free service as long as each bag contains at least $5 worth of goodies.

Points Program:
When you visit us at the store, we will ask you for your last name at the register. The reason? Our free-to-join points program! There is no card to carry, the points never expire, and when you reach 500 points, you will receive a $25 store credit! You can even check your points balance and redeem them online from the comfort of your own home!

Our Community:
As a neighbourhood toy store in Toronto, we recognize the important place we have in the community, because it is also our community! We have close ties to this neighbourhood - many of our staff grew up, went to school and live in the Wychwood Heights area. We participate in the fundraising efforts for the schools and care centres in our neighbourhood. We are proud to support these important institutions that make such a big difference in the lives of children. We also maintain a community board and are well-equipped to provide referrals for parent’s needs.