Wizard Card Game - Ages 10+
Wizard Card Game - Ages 10+

Wizard Card Game - Ages 10+

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Perfect your strategy and out-wit your opponents in this Wizard card game, the ultimate game of trump!

This original card game was invented by Ken Fisher of Toronto, Ontario in 1984! It has its own 60-card deck consisting of a standard 52 card deck, 4 Wizard cards and 4 Jester cards. The rules are simple to learn. The true challenge comes from mastering the strategy needed to win!

To score points, players must win the exact number of tricks they bid. Winning too many or too few means losing points. Each round adds more cards and more excitement as you try to foil your opponents. Join in the fun and see for yourself, why over one million copies of this Wizard card game have been sold!

  • Contents: 60 card deck, custom scorepad and instructions. 

Recommended for ages 10+. For 3-6 players. 

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