Up The Creek - Ages 9+
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Up The Creek - Ages 9+

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Has Chris Dearing finally broken his family’s run of bad luck? Find out in this hilarious, high-stakes companion to Mine! 

Chris Dearing is positive his family’s long streak of bad luck is finally over. Sure, he’s thought that before, but this time is different. He’s reclaimed his grandfather’s land in the Yukon — the land his granddad swore was full of gold. Now Chris just has to wait for his father to get out of jail so they can start mining their family fortune.

But things get complicated quickly. His dad’s new “business partners” seem more like crooks. Child Protective Services is getting in the way. And then Chris learns that his grandfather may not have been 100 percent truthful about where his gold actually came from. With his best friend by his side and an angry guard goose hot on his tail, can Chris hatch a plan to break the Dearing curse once and for all?

Author: Natalie Hyde (Canadian!)
Format: Paperback
Product dimensions: 240 pages, 7.75 X 5.03 X 0.6 in
Published: January 5, 2021
Publisher: Scholastic Canada Ltd
Recommended for ages 9-12. 

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