T4 Transforming Solar Robot
Unicorn Enterprises

T4 Transforming Solar Robot

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  • T4 is a phenomenal educational toy gift powered by a natural green energy source of sunlight. T4 Robot kit can transform into Robot, T-Rex, Drill Vehicle and Rhino Beetle for entertainment and fun. Just under the sun, Amazing T4 is to transition to multi-robot style with extraordinary movements beyond your imagination
  • Explore STEM Discipline: This STEM toy offers a chance to teach children how the motor is activated by solar power to work and the mechanical transmission knowledge acquired from its different movements.
  • Learn about renewable energy: The educational toy will assist your child in discovering and exploring the limitless possibilities of solar energy usage in product design while developing basic engineering skills. 
  • No batteries required: With the solar-energy-focused design, these fascinating robots can move easily and provide great interaction with your child for days.
  • Box Dimension: 8.5 x 7 x 3 in 

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