StoryTime Dinosaur Puzzle - Ages 3+

StoryTime Dinosaur Puzzle - Ages 3+

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A rich new style of open-ended puzzle designed to bring out the creativity and imagination of children!

This innovative wooden puzzle has a base with circular pieces, so the dinosaurs that stand up can turn in every direction. The child can create a new story each time they make the puzzle!

Complete with great information cards and activities for learning for both teachers and parents. Also includes a draw string canvas bag for easy storage of pieces! Printed on both sides, pieces can be removed from the puzzle and stand on their own.

Pathfinders is a Canadian company dedicated to creating compelling, innovative, wooden science kits that challenge children of all ages to explore the link between science, design, and technology in the world around us. They aim to help the student integrate knowledge gained from constructing the kits by providing links to educational resources to enhance their understanding of math and science as well as historical principles. Their chief educator, Derek Wulff, is a BC certified teacher who has been teaching grades K to 10 for the past 13 years. Derek designs all of the kits produced at Pathfinders for educational and recreational use. He spends time with kids in schools, making and using the kits to see how well they deliver curriculum for teachers, and to make sure they are engaging and appropriate for both fun play and educational aspects. They are an environmentally friendly company and use recyclable materials, natural, untreated wood, and local resources and production as much as possible. All of their kits are tested to make sure they are 100% kid and pet safe! They like to work with other local companies too. Their manufacturer in Taiwan is a local family-run factory, and most of the retail stores they sell to are small businesses and neighbourhood toy stores.

Recommended for ages 3+. 

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