Squishable Pink Donut

Squishable Pink Donut

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Pink! It's a color, not a flavor! Or is it? Consider the icing on a Pink Donut. Is it strawberry? Raspberry? Cherry? Whatever reddish-hued fruit it represents, if you closed your eyes and took a bite, technically it should taste no different than "St. Patrick's Day Green", "Canada Day Red-and-White", or "A Pile of Sugar"! 

Yet what would we like to munch at this very moment, to go with our cool glass of milk? A Pink Donut! Our best guess is that Pink Donuts behave like the wave-particle theory of light (bet you weren't expecting a physics reference in this description, were you!). Sometimes Pink is a color, and other times it's a flavor! So hug this juicy, sticky sweet pastry of joy and love! It's vaguely fruity! And also pink! So give this Squishable Pink Donut a big hug! 

15 squishy inches of strawberry? Raspberry? Cherry? All new Polyester fiber.

Recommended for ages 3+.  

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