Schleich: Indian Rhinoceros - Ages 3+

Schleich: Indian Rhinoceros - Ages 3+

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Explore the wild life world with this Indian Rhinoceros, a fun, educational toy figurine from Schleich! This toy is detailed and handheld, and is ideal for hours of imaginative play.

The Indian rhinoceros lives in Northeast India.

Fun Fact

An Indian rhinoceros’s skin is 4 cm thick. Under its skin, it has a layer of fat up to 5 cm thick.

Scientific facts

  • Scientific Name: Rhinoceros unicornis
  • Global Home: Asia
  • Conservation Status: Vulnerable
  • Primary Habitat: Savanna, Grassland, Bogs
  • Dimensions:  5.47 x 1.73 x 2.64 inch (W x D x H)
The Indian rhinoceros lives in Northeast India. Its thick folds of skin make it unmistakable, as though it were wearing thick armour. Contrary to its African relatives, however, it is very calm and peaceful. It spends most of its time eating grass, twigs, leaves, branches, and fruits.

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Recommended for ages 3-8. 

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