Orca II 3+
Orca II 3+

Orca II 3+

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Nicknames! They're hard to shake! For example, become a fearsome undersea apex predator JUST ONCE and you're the "killer whale" forever! Forget that menacing moniker! Orca is the name, and gentle pursuits are the game! Sure, they're perched on top of the food chain, but they're also perched on the couch, spending lazy weekends watching period dramas and eating kettle corn! So the next time you run into a high-contrast marine mammal with teeth, don't just say "what's up, killer" and hope for a high-five! That high-five is coming from an Orca!
  • 15 squishy inches of blubbering softy, soft home!
  • All new polyester fiber.
  • Brand new Squishable!! New image coming soon!

Recommended for ages 3+.  

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