Heals on Wheels Deluxe Accessory Set - Ages 3+
Heals on Wheels Deluxe Accessory Set - Ages 3+
Heals on Wheels Deluxe Accessory Set - Ages 3+
Heals on Wheels Deluxe Accessory Set - Ages 3+
Our Generation

Heals on Wheels Deluxe Accessory Set - Ages 3+

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Wheelchair and medical accessories for 18-inch dolls

Rolling towards recovery!
Love is the best medicine, but even dolls need the right tools to help them recover. Give them all the essentials for good health with the Our Generation Heals on Wheels Wheelchair Set for 18-inch dolls!
Because there has never been a generation of girls quite like us. We’re super-fast runners and treasure hunters, magicians and mathematicians. But most of all, we’re dreamers. We spend our waking hours raising funds to protect rain forests, teaching little sisters how to build tents out of blankets and tiptoeing down the stairs past bedtime for one last sip of water.
We girls sure know how to shine. This is our time. This is our story.

Fun Medical Accessories for 18-inch Dolls

Boo-boos get better faster with friends!

Consult with the doctor and check out your doll’s injuries on the x-rays to see just what is wrong. The wheels on the doll-sized wheelchair really turn, so your doll’s caregivers can easily push the chair around. Broken legs are not much fun, but with the leg cast, crutches, bandages, and other medical accessories, your doll will be well taken care of. No matter what their condition is, the Heals on Wheels set will bring extra smiles and giggles to all of your doll patients and help get them rolling towards recovery!

  • Includes: 1 wheelchair, 1 ice pack, 1 cast, 1 functional marker with lid, 1 pair of crutches, 1 stethoscope, 2 x-rays, 1 bandage and 2 sheets of adhesive bands.

Dolls and outfits sold separately.

Recommended for ages 3+. 

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