Klutz: Make Mini Eraser Cuties - Ages 8+
Scholastic Inc.

Klutz: Make Mini Eraser Cuties - Ages 8+

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Making mistakes has never been this much fun!

These erasers will enchant you with shapes like adorable unicorns, mermaid cats, and flamingo floats. Add some extra flair to these cuties with the included glitter!

  • Comes With: 32-page book, eraser clay in 4 colors, glitter, custom clay shaping tool, 30 mini-brad eyes, papercraft display.
Format: Kit
Product dimensions: 32 pages, 10.56 X 5.06 X 1.5 in
Published: April 9, 2019
Publisher: Scholastic Canada Ltd

Recommended for ages 8+. 

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