Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise 3+

Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise 3+

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Jillian Jiggs and her friends are back... and this time they're putting on a show!

Jillian doesn't have any money to buy her little sister Rebecca's birthday present. Her friends Peter and Rachel remind her that the best presents are the ones that you make, so Jillian decides that they should surprise Rebecca by putting on a play. But things don't happen exactly the way she planned and Jillian winds up with a few surprises of her own!

  • Author: Phoebe Gilman
  • Published: March 1, 2005
  • Format: Paperback Picture Book
  • Publisher: Scholastic Canada Ltd.
  • Dimensions: 40pgs, 8.01" x 7.99" x 0.13"

Recommended for ages 3+.

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