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In the card game It-DAH-gan there are 60 cards with ranks from 1 to 15, quantities ranging from two 1's up to six 15's; 15 of the cards are worth a point each. All cards are dealt out. The player receiving the 15 marked "star-DAH" begins by playing any number of 15's. Each player in turn then either passes or plays the same amount of cards as the last set played, but with a lower rank. When all but one players have passed, the last one to play takes all the cards played and starts a new trick with one or more cards of the same rank. The round continues until all players are out of cards; then point cards taken are scored. The first player to go out begins the next round by getting the two best (i.e., lowest-numbered) cards from the last player to go out, giving any two in return; likewise, the second to go out gets the best card from the next-to-last to go out. (With three players, the first and last to go out exchange one card.) Play continues until one player reaches 50 points.

Recommended for ages 8+. For 3-6 players. 

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