Henri & Friends 6 Giant Puzzles

Henri & Friends 6 Giant Puzzles

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This giant progressive puzzle from Djeco is designed to include several puzzles in one. The individual puzzles increase in difficulty from 9pc to 12pc to 15pc. Henri & Friends can be piled on top of each other to reach up to 1.33 metres high. Design features 2 of each 15 piece puzzle, 12 piece puzzle and 9 piece puzzle.

Djeco are a leading Parisian based company, creating high quality, intricately designed products with a uniquely artistic twist. They specialize in producing traditional toys with a fresh contemporary look across their range of toddler toys, puzzles, games, kids room décor and fabulous art and craft kits. Well-designed construction toys are a hallmark of Djeco’s toy offering, cleverly encouraging kid’s to freely use their imagination to indulge their own ideas and creativity.   

      Recommended for ages 3+. 

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