Haunted Canada 9 Scary True Stories Ages  9-12

Haunted Canada 9 Scary True Stories Ages 9-12

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They sat around an old table in the centre of the bedroom in complete darkness. Someone struck a match and lit a candle. As the medium called out to any spirits inhabiting the house, Ron heard footsteps slowly coming up the stairs...

These scary true stories from across Canada will have you sleeping with one eye open. A ruthless pirate haunts the shores of Prince Edward Island, forever protecting his hidden treasure. A phantom woman rocks a crying baby to sleep in Tofield, Alberta. Flashing lights send messages from beyond the grave in Port Hardy, British Columbia.... Prepare to be haunted!

From Joel A. Sutherland, winner of the Silver Birch and Hackmatack awards and the author of Summer's End and the Haunted series.


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