Grab Apple - Ages 0+
Grab Apple - Ages 0+
Grab Apple - Ages 0+
Grab Apple - Ages 0+

Grab Apple - Ages 0+

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An apple a day... helps baby's brain grow!

Flexible, easy-to-grab rings surround the happy little worm inside while attached to the stem are two black-and-white leaves that crinkle delightfully when they're grabbed.

It's great for sensory learning, and it's great for teething too!

Nurture baby's growing mind with the easy-to-take-along Lamaze Grab Apple.

Lamaze Grab Apple

  • Apple-shaped baby sensory toy
  • Encourages sensory learning, fine motor skills, cause-effect learning
  • Flexible rings are great for grasping and teething
  • Features friendly worm in the middle
  • Leaves feature high-contrast patterns, crinkle material inside
  • Includes one Grab Apple
  • Comes in either red or green - Color choice not available
  • High-quality materials - Durable and safe

Each sold separately. Ships in randomly selected colours based on availability. 

Recommended for ages 0-2.

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