Fox and Squirrel 3+

Fox and Squirrel 3+

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A big friendship triumphs over small differences in this irresistible story from Ruth Ohi, the author and illustrator of Chicken, Pig, Cow!

When Fox and Squirrel get together, Squirrel can only see their differences. Squirrel is small and Fox is big; Squirrel lives in a nest and Fox in a burrow; Squirrel likes the day and Fox, the night. But as their friendship grows, Fox gently points out that their differences are good, and more than that, they have many things in common too. Even Squirrel begins to see that maybe they are not so different after all!

This irresistible story about the adventures of two lovable friends is told through expressive watercolour illustrations full of energy, humour, and warmth. The simple text and joyful art deliver a heartwarming tale with a subtle but profound message about friendship, acceptance, and working together.

Title:Fox and Squirrel
Product dimensions:32 pages, 9.78 X 9.8 X 0.32 in
Shipping dimensions:32 pages, 9.78 X 9.8 X 0.32 in
Published:September 1, 2013
Publisher:Scholastic Canada Ltd
Recommended for ages 2+ years
ISBN - 13:9781443119146

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