Chia Pet: Unicorn - Ages 6+
Chia Pet: Unicorn - Ages 6+

Chia Pet: Unicorn - Ages 6+

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The Unicorn Chia Pet® is here to bring some magic and wonder into your world! Add some fairy-tale fantasy to your home décor with this colorful, mythical creature. The unique terra cotta planter is shaped like a unicorn with legs, a tail, and a white-painted head and mane. Above its sweet, smiling face sits a glorious rainbow horn! Chia Pets are fun to do and easy to grow for kids and adults alike. Just plant your seeds and watch your unicorn grow a majestic green coat in just 1-2 weeks! This whimsical Chia Pet is an instant mood booster and a perfect gift for any fan of unicorns, rainbows, or just general awesomeness! No matter what, this enchanted unicorn is ready to help make your wildest dreams come true!

  • 3 Seed Packets
  • Replant Over & Over!
  • Fun to Grow
  • Great Gift!

Recommended for ages 6+. 

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