CC: Toy Poodle Twins
Calico Critters

CC: Toy Poodle Twins

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Calico Critters miniature dollhouses, play-sets and figures are timeless and classic high-quality toys. The Toy Poodle Twins set includes two posable baby figures, Max and Mia, along with accessories. Collect the whole Toy Poodle family with CC1735, set sold separately and includes 4 figures. Boy twin, Max tends to crawl around the house very fast. His parents have to watch him because the moment they turn their backs, he takes off! Girl twin, Mia is always smiling and happy. She is also sweet to any Critter she meets. She can’t wait to go to nursery school, where she can make lots of new friends.

  • Includes two posable baby figures with removable clothing and accessories
  • Baby figures include boy twin Max and girl twin Mia, posed in sitting and crawling positions
  • Max is always on the go, crawling around the house very fast. His twin, Mia is always smiling and happy.
  • Play together with CC1735 Toy Poodle Family, which includes Mother, Father, Sister and Brother figures
  • Recommended for girls and boys ages 3 and above

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