CC: Hazelnut Chipmunk Twins - Ages 3+
Calico Critters

CC: Hazelnut Chipmunk Twins - Ages 3+

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Calico Critters miniature dollhouses, play-sets and figures are timeless and classic high-quality toys. The Hazelnut Chipmunk Twins set includes two posable baby figures, Jordan and Riley, along with accessories. Collect the whole Hazelnut Chipmunk family with CC1480, set sold separately and includes 4 figures. Boy twin, Jordan likes to watch his father build things in his workshop. Sometimes he can be a little mischievous and hide his father’s pencils when he isn’t looking! His father hopes Jordan will follow in his footsteps and become a carpenter one day. Girl twin, Riley likes drawing pretty pictures, especially on her father’s floor plans! He just laughs it off and gives her lots of crayons so she can practice becoming a famous artist one day.

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