Bok! Bok! Boom! (Kung Pow Chicken #2) Ages 5+
Scholastic Inc.

Bok! Bok! Boom! (Kung Pow Chicken #2) Ages 5+

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Everyone's favourite superhero, Kung Pow Chicken, is back!

Gordon Blue's mom drags him to a night at the opera. The show turns fowl though when its star singer, Honey Comb, is chicknapped! The evil Dr. Screech plans to turn the singer's super-high voice into a supersonic weapon. It's up to Kung Pow Chicken to rescue Honey!

Cyndi Marko studied Fine Arts at Okanagan University College and Graphic Design and Prepress Technology at Humber College in Toronto. Kung Pow Chicken is her first children's book series. She currently lives in Canada.

Author/Illustrator: Cyndi Marko (Canadian!)
Series: Kung Pow Chicken
Format: Paperback
Product dimensions: 80 pages, 7.63 X 5.27 X 0.23 in
Published: March 25, 2014
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Recommended for ages 5-7.

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