Bisous Dodo Night-night Kisses
Bisous Dodo Night-night Kisses

Bisous Dodo Night-night Kisses

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 A super game of bedtime ritual to encourage your child to go to bed! This lovely game is sure to become a bedtime favourite, pull the tray out of the little box to reveal a little bed with a mattress and a boy or a girl lying awake in the bed.

You need to collect the cards: the pillow, the sheet, the blanket and then the kisses, cuddles and tickles (as you put each of these cards back in the box you do the action to your child) then it’s time for bed, sleep tight! It comes with beautiful illustrations and the rules come in 8 different languages, packaged in a lovely box with a sliding cover.

A great way of ending the day, Bisous Dodo Night-night Kissses from Djeco  will last about ten minutes to help settle your child for sleeping.

Recommended for ages 3-6. For 2 players. 


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