R/C Rally Ripster - 12mth+
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R/C Rally Ripster - 12mth+

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Go forward and spin round & round with the Rally Ripster™ from B. toys! Designed for little hands and big laughs, this remote-control car lets your little one go driving day or night. This toy car is easy to turn when it hits an obstacle, the powerful signal works across rooms, and the flashing colors can light up the room like a disco! If your toddler takes a break from driving, Rally Ripster™ will automatically turn off to save the batteries. And because we at B. keep the environment in mind, parents will be happy to know that our packaging is 100% recyclable.

  • One big button controls it all
  • Car goes forward and spins round and round
  • Easy to turn when it hits a wall, or any other obstacle
  • Flashy bright lights and sounds
  • Remote works across rooms and hallways
  • 4 AA (1.5V) batteries are required for the car (included)
  • 9V batteries are required for the remote (not included)

Recommended for ages 1-4. 

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