3-in-1 Transforming Solar Robot Ages 10+
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3-in-1 Transforming Solar Robot Ages 10+

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  • T3 3 in 1 Robot can take on three fun, futuristic shapes: a classic robot, a tank, and a scorpion. Your child will love transforming the T3 3 in 1 Solar Robots into three unique forms and will learn about the principles of solar energy in the process! In each of its forms, the toy moves in different ways when its solar cell is exposed to bright sunlight.
  • Explore STEM Discipline: This STEM toy offers a chance to teach children how the motor is activated by solar power to work and the mechanical transmission knowledge acquired from its different movements.
  • Learn about renewable energy: Green energy will play a major role in the homes and vehicles of tomorrow, and your child can begin to understand its benefits and principles today simply by playing with this educational toy.
  • No batteries required: With the solar-energy-focused design, these fascinating robots can move easily and provide great interaction with your child for days.
  • Box Dimension: 8.5 x 7 x 3 in

Recommended for ages 10+. 

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