Squishmallows Squish-Doos - Pearson the Panda

Squishmallows Squish-Doos - Pearson the Panda

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  • Pearson the Panda is a rainbow tie-dye panda who thinks it’s awesome that he looks like cotton candy.
  • The newest additions to the Squishmallows family are all about self-expression and personal style, not to mention some of the most wildly innovative hair styles on a plush toy. Squish-Doos
  • The huggable and colourful new six-member #squishmallowsquad is an enchanting playmate and collectors item for kids, tweens, and toy lovers of all ages.
  • Brimming with self-expression and personal style—and those fierce hairstyles—the playful, huggable Squish-Doos squad, like the original Squishmallows squad, makes great couch pals and can even serve as a best friend in times of need to help relieve stress and anxiety. They’re ideal travel companions and are a snuggly alternative to high tech toys.
  • To show off their unique personalities, each Squishmallow character’s name and background story is detailed on its hangtag. The unique line is made of super soft spandex “EF” and polyester stuffing as puffy as marshmallows. Caring for Squishmallows is easy; give them lots of love, machine wash in cold water, tumble-dry on low heat and remember not to iron them!


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