Squishable Grilled Cheese

Squishable Grilled Cheese

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The grilled cheese sandwich is so much more than two toasted slices of bread and melty cheese with a lot of butter! It's a hug made out of food! The economic engine that keeps tomato soup makers in business! The attitude adjuster that turns 'stuck inside' into 'cozy'!

This crunchy cheesy toasty deliciousness isn't just a snack, or even a meal. It's the giant, soft, cuddly embodiment of a culinary-emotional juggernaut! And in plush form you can hold the immense power of the Squishable Grilled Cheese in your hands without fear of crumbs! 

14 squishy inches of sandwich for the ages. All new polyester fiber.

Recommended for ages 3+.  

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