Squishable Fox

Squishable Fox

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An adult male fox is a 'Reynard', a female is a 'Vixen', and a group of foxes is called a 'skulk', an 'Earth', or a 'troop' of foxes. All this just goes to show that people who make up labels are idiots, since none of these words even come close to the truth. A Fox is awesome. A male fox is awesome, a female fox is awesome, and a group of foxes is just about the most awesome thing that could ever happen. No, foxes are so cute, I need a new label just to describe them. From now on, foxes are Awesomegreateriffic! And this Squishable Fox is all that and more!

15 squishy inches of fantasgreat. All new polyester fiber. 

Recommended for ages 3+.  

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