Clownfish 3+

Clownfish 3+

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Is the life of a clown an endless string of balloon animals and pies to the face? Well, yes! But for a Clownfish, there's so much more! Beneath the madcap jesting is a tiny little mind churning with big, important questions about the nature of existence itself! Ever asked a Clownfish to unpack Kant's later works as they relate to Cartesian dualism? Go ahead and try, but be prepared for three hours of detailed analysis, with blackboard illustrations and absolutely no pratfalls! For a clown, a Clownfish is pretty deep! For a fish, its depth is about average. So cuddle up with a Squishable Clownfish, but try to take it easy on the Kant!

  • 15 inches of deep (by which we mean underwater) thoughts!
  • All new polyester fiber. 

Recommended for ages 3+.  

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