Squishable Calico Cat

Squishable Calico Cat

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Of all the cats in the world to choose from, wouldn't you want one that bears a stamp of approval from a reputable institution?

An institution like - and I'm just brainstorming here - the Maryland General Assembly? Well, whaddya you know, these very legislators did in fact designate the Calico as the official state cat!

Granted, that was mainly because the orange-white-black coloration matches the state bird (Baltimore Oriole) and state butterfly (Baltimore Checkerspot).

What they didn't mention is that Calicos have other claims to Maryland fandom; ask any Squishable Calico Cat about their favorite sport, and they'll respond, "meow," which is cat for "The unofficially official Maryland sport of lacrosse!" How about that!

15 squishy inches of Old Line Feline. All new polyester fiber.

Recommended for ages 3+.  

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