Cactus - Ages 3+
Cactus - Ages 3+
Cactus - Ages 3+
Cactus - Ages 3+

Cactus - Ages 3+

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Would you like to hug a cactus?
Not without a lot of practice!
All those sharp and pointed pricklies, wouldn't fail to stab and stick me!
How I'd love a Squishable Cactus gentle, cuddly, soft, and sentimental, ready for some friendly squeezing, rsing spines that felt more pleasing!
  • Dimensions: 15 squishy inches of soft spikes!
  • Made of: All new polyester fiber
  • Designer: Kristel G. I'm a 3D Artist. I love plushies and hedgehogs.

Recommended for ages 3+.  

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