Secret Lives of Dragons - Ages 7+
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Secret Lives of Dragons - Ages 7+

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Discover a whole new world of dragons in this beautifully illustrated book on the scaliest of magical creatures. From every detail of their wings to the history of their treasure, you'll learn about famous dragons from around the world. The latest research into dragon culture will be revealed, and you'll meet some incredible dragon leaders along the way.

If you thought the world's most famous fire-breathing creatures lived only in myth and fairytale, think again. Dragon researchers will introduce you to amazing beasts from tiny to huge, from sweet to ferocious. Soon you'll be a dragon expert to rival them all!

"Zoya Agnis" is a pseudonym for Angela Sangma Francis. Angela Sangma Francis is a children's book writer of non-fiction and fiction. She is the author of Everest, which was selected ''Outstanding Science Book'' by the Children's Books Council (2019), and received a special mention at the Bologna Ragazzi Awards 2019. She is also author of The Secret Lives of... series published by Flying Eye Books. Alongside her writing work, Angela has worked editorially with publishers including Thames and Hudson, Tate Books, Little Gestalten, and Phaidon.

Alexander Utkin is an illustrator, comic artist, designer and musician from Russia. Clients include Samsung, Universal Music and WWF, among many others. He is the author of the Gamayun Tales series.

Author: Zoya Agnis
Illustrator: Alexander Utkin
Format: Hardcover
Product dimensions: 64 pages, 11.69 X 9.88 X 0.41 in
Published: October 5, 2021
Publisher: Nobrow Ltd.
Recommended for ages 7-9.

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