Gobblet! (Oppenheim Platinum Award) Ages 7+
Gobblet! (Oppenheim Platinum Award) Ages 7+
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Gobblet! (Oppenheim Platinum Award) Ages 7+

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Gobblet plays like Tic-Tac-Toe but with strategy and memory mixed in. This all wooden board game takes just seconds to learn but a lifetime to master. Gobble up, line up four pieces in a row and win! Elegantly designed and sustainably made, Gobblet self-stores all the playing pieces and looks attractive on display. With irresistible, fast-moving play and astonishingly simple rules, Gobblet is a fun strategy game for the whole family!
  • Oppenheim Platinum Award
  • Parents’ Choice Silver Award
  • Dr. Toy 10 Best Games


  • Strategy
  • Visualization
  • Memory
  • Analysis


  • 1 Wooden Playing Board
  • 24 Wooden Pieces
  • 1 Wooden Storage Box
  • Illustrated Rules

Recommended for ages 7+. For 2 players. 

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